Joonhyung Kwak

The blog is mainly about AI, especially NLP.
If you want to know more about me, please check the About section!

Hello World!

Hi, I’m Joonhyung Kwak.
Expected M.S. student in Artificial Intelligence at SKKU.
I’m mainly interested in Natural Language Processing, especially chatbots.
Also long-term memory in Large Language Models(LLM).
My goal is to build an AI system(chatbot) that can think and speak like a human.


Inha University (March 2020 ~ February 2024)

  • B.S. in Information and Communication Engineering
  • Joonhyung Kwak, Giwon Kim, Joohyung Seo, “Audio Data Preprocessing Technique Using Attention-Based Dynamic Window”, Graduation Paper, Inha University (July 2023) PDF.
  • Advisor: Prof. Yoosung Kim

Degendorf Institute of Technology Deggendorf, Germany (February 2022 ~ July 2022)

  • Exchange Student in Computer Science
  • Advisor: Prof. Patrick Glauner

SungKyunKwan University (SKKU) (March 2024 ~ February 2026)

  • M.S. in Artificial Intelligence
  • Advisor: Prof. Jinyeong Bak


  • Research Intern at Data Intelligence Laboratory, Inha University (November 2022 ~ November 2023)
  • Research Assistant at Nursing Informatics Laboratory, College of Medicine, Inha University (August 2022 ~ May 2023)


  • Joonhyung Kwak, Siyul Sung, Giwon Kim, Joohyung Seo, “Dataset refining techniques for improving training efficiency of voice-based situation classification models”, Korea Computer Congress 2023, Jeju, Korea (Jul.2023) - Poster PDF.


  • CJ Olivenetworks AI/Data Hackathon, CJ Olivenetworks, Korea / Development of NLP model in Industrial Area (August 2023 ~ October 2023)
  • Development of multi-faceted fall prevention interventions using clinical big data and behavioral economics theory and exploring multi-organ effects, Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea / Development of deep learning-based language model, keyword extraction with supervised learning (August 2022 ~ May 2023)
  • Development of Absolute, Relative, and Continuous Composite Positioning Technology for Ultra-precision Digital Land Information Acquisition, Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, Korea / Development of Deep Learning-based Speech using MFCC for recognition improvement (November 2022 ~ November 2023)
  • DeinHaus 4.0, Deggendorf Institue of Technology, Germany / Analyzing data from smart home sensors and build technology to make a long life at home for seniors (March 2022 ~ August 2022)
  • Kochat-based travel destination recommendation chatbot service, The Federation of Korean Information Industries, Korea / Development of a user-friendly chat-bot system using data mining (February 2021 ~ November 2021)


  • Awarded for the Han-eum contest with Kochat-based travel destination recommendation chatbot service, The Federation of Korean Information Industries, Korea (December 2021)


  • Received a research scholarship for undergraduate researchers. (Spring 2023)
  • Received a work scholarship from the Inha University Research and Business Foundation. (Summer ~ Winter 2021, Summer 2022 ~ Winter 2023)

Skills and Techniques

  • Programming: Python, C++, C
  • Frameworks and Libraries of Python: Pytorch, Tensorflow, KoNLPy, pandas, scikit-learn
  • Systems and tools: MySQL, Git, AWS

Language Skills


  • Obtained an IH (Intermediate High) OPIc grade in August 2023
  • Fluent


  • German A3&A4 obtained during exchange student in July 2022
  • Basic